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Saving the world, one piece at a time

The Green Factory is an award-winning hub for Malaysian-crafted sustainable wood products. We specialise in crafting interior settings, furniture, homeware, and gifts with sustainability in mind, and are conscious about every step that goes into making your product.

There's no other factory quite like ours in town but we also want to inspire more makers as well as communities to be mindful of how we use our resources and consume products. Together, we can make the world a better, healthier, and cleaner place for ourselves and future generations. #ThereIsNoEarthB

Harith Green Carpenter

A collection of modern furniture, home accessories, and office organisers made from construction waste and upcycled materials.



Malaysia's first PEFC-certified homeware brand, offering a sophisticated range of home, kitchen & gift items made from ethically-sourced local wood.


Oran & Bula

Asia's first PEFC-certified fashion accessories brand Oran & Bula is TGF's latest brand, offering a unique selection of sustainable fashionware.

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GAMBU 5 Board

From RM163.00 MYR - RM285.00 MYR

PEGA 4 Board

From RM133.00 MYR - RM235.00 MYR

TUKA SILA Serving Board

From RM59.00 MYR - RM120.00 MYR

GAMBU 1 Board

From RM104.00 MYR - RM185.00 MYR

TUKA TAMA Board Set of 3

From RM125.00 MYR - RM229.00 MYR


From RM31.00 MYR - RM75.00 MYR

ALAS Classic Print Coaster Set

From RM65.00 MYR - RM70.00 MYR


From RM40.00 MYR - RM85.00 MYR


From RM75.00 MYR - RM145.00 MYR

KOCHI Phoneholder + card slot

From RM17.00 MYR - RM38.00 MYR

KOTA Stationary Box A

RM20.00 MYR

KOTA Utility Box A

From RM50.00 MYR - RM60.00 MYR


From RM30.00 MYR - RM40.00 MYR
Oran & Bula | Wood, fashion & sustainability

Oran & Bula | Wood, fashion & sustainability

Oran & Bula is a collaborative project by Harith Green Carpenter and artist/designer Fariza Basri, and aims to explore elements of Malay culture and zero-waste design through fashion accessories & apparel. O&B's collection takes advantage of the abundance of wood residue & textile waste that both designers collect from their own workshops, and what you find is a stylish fusion of mediums that coalesce with a united purpose. 

Dapo | A cultural tribute

Dapo takes inspiration from Malaysia’s enriched culture to create timeless homeware pieces that celebrate our unique lifestyle & identity. Founded in 2017, we began our journey with Dapo by crafting custom tableware for local eateries but soon expanded with an assortment of collections that homemakers across the world can enjoy in their own homes.

Dapo | A cultural tribute
Harith Green Carpenter | Disrupting the Status Quo

Harith Green Carpenter | Disrupting the Status Quo

Named after TGF's founder Harith Ridzuan, Harith Green Carpenter (HGC) hosts an assembly of contemporary furniture & home accessories that uses construction waste and upcycled materials as its primary elements.

Founded in 2013, HGC is not just a product brand, but a platform for Harith to personally advocate for green manufacturing & sustainable living in Malaysia, and he's on a mission to change his industry's landscape by championing green and sustainability as a core drive for Malaysia's future developments.

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