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The Green Factory is not your ordinary wood factory. Our 13,000 sqft space is an industrial playground for crafting, experimenting, perfecting, and sharing knowledge about our discoveries towards becoming a more responsible manufacturer.

Located just 15 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur’s city centre, we are nested in Ampang - the home town of The Green Factory’s founder Harith Ridzuan.

Step into our compound and you'll be welcomed by our diverse collection of local  botanicals that decorate our factory courtyard. And in keeping with the green theme, we feature eco elements to our structure, such as light harvesting (to reduce electricity consumption) and water harvesting (reuse of rainwater). Our open-concept structure also allows for fresh air to circulate the compound. 

To organise our space efficiently, we adopt Lean and 5S systems (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain). This helps to improve the movement, flexibility, and efficiency of our team as they work across their production zones as well as across multiple projects. Factors taken into account include strategic placement of machinery, ample storage for tools & products and workstations that provide a good source of natural light. We also adopt Kaizen practices, a concept that focuses on continuous improvement.

Green Building features

Light & Water Harvesting

Harvesting natural resources for our workspaces & production zones allow us to reduce our daily electricity emission and use of water.


Our factory's special courtyard garden provides a natural touch to our industrial compound.

Open Concept

Fresh air circulates our production zones, allowing our team to enjoy the fresh breeze when working hard on those hot days.

Machine placement

Our machines are strategically located in accordance with our manufacturing flow, from rough milling, fine milling to finishing and packaging.


Storage organisation is an essential part of our work flow, helping us to improve our production efficiency.


The Green Factory practises LEAN manufacturing, 5S, Kaizen, and PEFC-compliant sorting. Having these systems in place helps us to work more efficiently and be better organised.