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RAS Rice Laddle

Designer: Dapo

RM45.00 MYR
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Introducing Ras, your quintessential kitchen companion, born from the essence of tradition and the simplicity of home-cooked meals.

Inspired by the Malay word 'beras', meaning rice, Ras embodies the soul of family gatherings and the warmth of shared plates.

Crafted with the finest wood, this rice ladle is not just a utensil but a homage to the grains that form the staple of our diets. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort, while its durable construction promises years of faithful service. Embrace the art of serving with Ras, where every scoop is a journey to the heart of culinary heritage.

Product Specification

RAS Rice Ladle

Size | 220 (l) x 70 (w) x 15 (h) mm

Weight | 0.05 kg

Material | Acacia wood

Coating | Linseed oil + wax (suitable for food handling & serving)

*Due to the natural characteristics of wood, the wood tone & grains may vary slightly from the image displayed. 


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