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Designer: Dapo

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Batik Wrap
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Introducing TUKA BULA, Dapo's newest addition to its acclaimed kitchen collection. Crafted from premium Acacia wood, this round-shaped chopping and serving board is finished with a natural blend of food-grade linseed oil & wax for durability and food safety.

The name TUKA BULA pays homage to the artistry and tradition of crafting, with 'Bula' deriving from 'bulat' signifying 'round' in a nod to its unique shape. It serves as an indispensable culinary tool and a stylish serving platter, ideal for showcasing home-cooked meals at gatherings.

Experience the fusion of tradition and modern elegance with TUKA BULA, a piece that elevates the cooking and serving experience by offering ample space and a standout aesthetic for any table setting. Embrace this masterpiece of craftsmanship in your kitchen, where functionality meets artistry.

Product Specification

TUKA BULA Board Large

Size | 400 (l) x 400 (w) x 18 (h) mm

Weight | 1.5 kg

Material | Acacia wood

Coating | Linseed oil & wax

*Due to the natural characteristics of wood, the wood tone & grains may vary slightly from the image displayed. 


We offer personalised engraving services. Select this option to engrave a special name, message, or design to this product and our team will contact you to confirm your preferred design before engraving your item. 

Additional services

+ RM15.00 for Batik fabric gift wrap 

+ RM10.00 for Custom engraving of name / message