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RATA Tray (S)

Designer: Dapo

RM48.00 MYR
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RATA, which means ‘flat’ in Malay is a fitting name for our newest collection of sleek wooden trays.

Combining machinery and handwork to create a fine, precise finish, the RATA collection is designed to bring warmth and simplicity to your home. 

Available in 3 sizes


Product Specification

RATA Tray Small

Size | 180 (l) x 80 (w) x 18 (h) mm

Weight | - kg

Material | Acacia wood

Coating | Coconut oil + beeswax (suitable for food handling & serving)

*Due to the natural characteristics of wood, the wood tone & grains may vary slightly from the image displayed. 



Additional services

+ RM10.00 for Batik fabric gift wrap