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PEGA 2 Board

Designer: Dapo

RM240.00 MYR
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Dapo’s signature handled boards are a perfect tool for prepping or hosting feasts for family and friends. 

Made from certified Balau wood and coated with our organic mix of linseed oil and beeswax, the PEGA collection comes in 6 exclusive designs and will serve you and your guests for years to come.

The PEGA series is available in 6 designs.

Product Specification

Pega Board Design 2

Size | 500 (l) x 200 (w) x 20 (h) mm

Weight | 1.2 kg

Material | PEFC-certified Balau wood

Coating | Linseed oil + beeswax (suitable for food handling & serving)

*Due to the natural characteristics of wood, the wood tone & grains may vary slightly from the image displayed. 


What is Grade A?

Our highest-quality products, featuring flawless finishing and impeccable craftsmanship for a premium aesthetic and superior performance.

What is Grade Raw Edition?

Embrace the untouched beauty of natural wood, rich in unique patches, knots, and mineral streaks, while maintaining Grade A quality.

What is Grade B?

Affordable options with minor imperfections in craftsmanship, offering value without compromising functionality.



We offer personalised engraving services. Select this option to engrave a special name, message, or design to this product and our team will contact you to confirm your preferred design before engraving your item. 


Additional services

+ RM15.00 for Batik fabric gift wrap 

+ RM10.00 for Custom engraving of name / message