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ALMA KANVA Cabinet A1 Landscape - icespace X

Designer: icepace X

RM1,700.00 MYR
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Introducing the Alma Kanva!

Explore the fusion of art, design, and sustainability with the Alma Kanva (Almari Kanvas) Showcase, available for purchase on our website.

Crafted from eco-friendly materials, including OSB board, reclaimed pinewood, and Hevea wood, this versatile cabinet aligns with standard paper sizes, making it perfect for both storage and displaying artwork.

Its artistically printed doors feature local artists' work, making each cabinet a unique statement piece. By supporting this project, you're empowering artists and sustainability. A portion of the proceeds funds our sustainability initiatives.

Discover functional artistry with the Alma Kanva.

*Please note that this is a pre-order item which requires 2-3 weeks to complete and deliver.

Product Specification

ALMA KANVA Cabinet A1 Landscape - ice space X

Size | 877 mm(L) x 350 mm (W) x 920 mm (H)

Net Weight | 25.00 kg

Material | Hevea wood + reclaimed wood + OSB board + mild steel metal frame with matte black powder coating

Coating | Water-based coat 

*Due to the natural characteristics of wood, the wood tone & grains may vary slightly from the image displayed.

icespace X

Meet ice space X: A versatile Malaysian artist, self-taught in painting, music, design, and crafting. Raised among 10 siblings, her creativity flourished. Years of diverse experimentation shaped her unique journey. Her edgy style melds with technology, creating captivating cyberpunk narratives. Beyond the canvas, her art springs to life through augmented reality, echoing her motto 'Beyond the Reflection.' Experience her boundless realm of innovation and imagination.

"Cyberpulse Chronicle: Fusion of Digital and Soul"

In the "Cyberpulse Chronicle," a half-human, half-cyborg stands at evolution's edge, ready to awaken with electric vitality. Wires intricately weave energy, birthing a spectacle that reshapes humanity and innovation's crossroads. As this unfolds, the once-hidden backdrop transforms into a radiant narrative, promising a luminous future. Neon eyes cast a spectral glow, embodying a world in dynamic change. Uplifted hands bridge technological allure with unwavering heritage. A glass heart emerges, hues echoing human passion and mechanical precision. Beyond canvas, the "Cyberpulse Chronicle" is a reminder that amidst progress, the fusion of digital dreams and shared humanity harmonize in existence's symphony.