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The Green Factory (TGF) aims to be a global solutions provider for sustainable lifestyle and a leader in green manufacturing in the Malaysian timber industry.

As a solution-orientated company, TGF combines the vast knowledge, experience and strength of its local talents to provide environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically viable options for today's consumers.

As we move towards expanding our business, we want to offer you the opportunity to be part of this exciting value chain in a vast growing industry.


Since 2019, The Green Factory has undergone a series of fundraising exercises to double our capacity and maintain our leadership in the green market.

In our Co-Founder round, we successfully raised RM 3 million in investments from reputable investors in Malaysia.

Our latest Equity Crowd Funding exercise will allow us to incorporate further technology (IR 4.0, IOT, Robotics) that will help to scale our operations, expand our regional distribution, and make more sustainable wood products available to consumers worldwide.


Why should you invest?

i. Join the pioneer in the green timber space

ii. Make an estimated ROI of 500% during IPO (in 5 years time)

iii. Contribute & take opportunity in the green market

What are our strengths?

i. 30 years of industry experience

ii. 11 years in the green market

iii. Research and Design factory

iv. Team of experienced management combined with young workforce, ready to carry the aspiration.

What's the offer?

We are diluting 10-15% of our shares for RM 5 mil at RM30 mil pre-money valuation.

Minimum investment: RM 250/lot

Do you want to invest in us?

The Green Factory is proud to collaborate with LEET Capital in our Equity Crowd Funding exercise. If you are interested to become a Green Factory investor, register on LEET's ECF platform today.